Gibbous Moon Rise Beach Walk

I went to the beach this evening with Lexi Dogg in a melancholy mood (the vog has been in town today) and ended up “focusing my lens” on the beauty that was all around me. This post is a photo walk, with homage to my friend Liza (@amauiblog) who does these great photo posts on her blog! I took them with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app.

lexi dogg and the dolphin

Mokulua Islands
Moon and Palm Fronds
NaupakapakaMoon and Palm Fronds 2white flowerPine and PalmsMoonMoon and Pine

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  1. I’m loving the Hipstamatic too!

  2. Lovely Rox! I’ve been putting off Hipstamatic, but you’ve inspired me. I’ve been melancholy lately too.

  3. Roxanne, those are beautiful shots. I love the series and I lost that App from my phone and need to download again… So cool and fun. Love the borders…
    It was a melancholy day but I always figure “A time to be blue, a time for joy, a time for peace, a time for happiness” …Aloha

    • @Yvette, @Peter, @Marilyn!

      Mahalo for your comments. @Shane turned me on to Hipstamatic, and I learned there is a Flickr group too. Isn’t it amazing what the iPhone can do? And the lunar calendar I can subscribe to that shows me the moon cycles automatically?

      I think I am a little sensitive to the vog….and as Marilyn says, a few moments of every mood do indeed enrich the human experience! Feeling it, then letting it go…that is my method these days. No analysis paralysis needed.

  4. Will Morrison says

    Such beautiful pictures, Roxanne! I’m glad I found your site and even more glad (ecstatic) to be moving back to Kailua… soon! Can’t wait to go on my own beach walks (sunrises are so nani), hikes, swims, and random adventures ASAP.

    Mahalo, Will