The Physics of Grace and Rest

I have always loved science and do not think of it as being in competition with spirituality. Instead, I use it to explain things we have heard but never quite got anchored into who we really are.

I’ve noticed that when I am undergoing change, when I am unplugging from previous patterns and rebuiding new ones, that I can indeed be quite tired by the end of the day! I suspect you have had this experience too.

I remember Lola Jones writing about her return from India, how she felt so relaxed and released. She mentions that she would stay in bed some days and just rest as the Divine energies were recycling and rewiring old patterns and their conflicting information!

Just remember this:
Allow yourself to sleep.
Get as much of that deep restorative rest as possible.

That may mean sleeping when “you should be doing laundry.” It is a rich part of the understanding of Divine Openings. It may feel ethereal however receiving Divine Openings and having moments of enlightened consciousness truly demand and consume energy.

It is so easy to forget that just because the body is not overtly involved, that there may still be enormous energy expenditure taking place.

Translation: consciousness upgrades still require the shift of electrons somewhere and it all requires energy in our physical, human reality. Taking time for rest is both smart from an energy management point of view and also evidence (IMO) of that shift in consciousness. Most things can wait!

I allow myself to take breaks as often as possible. We are no doubt “burning rubber” on the road to enlightenment and a roadside rest is just part of the journey.


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  1. wishing you a wonderful and peaceful day,Thank you for these encouraging words. Sleep is a must! It resets our mood, mind and spirit. I notice that all is well and I can handle most of life with ease with proper rest!