Physical Healing: I Felt My Shoulder Relaxing

shaina nollHere is Shaina’s story of physical healing with divine openings. The energy was clear, present, palpable and immediately impactful. A distinctly different experience than the Openings I’ve been receiving from the pictures in the book. Very shimmery. I had an intention for the Opening, which was to have support for easing/transforming some physical symptoms I’d been experiencing in my right shoulder, wrist and hand. I felt my shoulder relaxing quite distinctly during the 15 minute rest, and there has been continued release, relaxation and easing since then. As well as some interesting insights moving through, in a way that has been happening for me since my first Opening via the book. Easy new clarity, just passing through as I’m going about my day.
Shaina Noll, Port Townsend, WA

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