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UPDATE 23 March 2014
This article was originally published June 9, 2010. At that time, I was a Divine Openings® Giver, recommended by Lola Jones. In 2013, she registered the phrase, “Divine Openings®” as her trademark and we discontinued all business collaborations. Please be aware that I am no longer a Divine Openings® giver and this article has been updated to reflect and respect Lola’s registered trademark ownership.

Click here to buy Lola's book, required for this course.Join this consciousness book club for this summer! I am so excited about this! As you know, I discovered Divine Openings® about a year and a half ago. You can watch a video episode about my 5-day retreat journey.

This is what I call a “consciousness upgrade” as it allows me to tap into the larger intelligence of the universe so that I may live a happier and freer life. The practical results create a tangible experience in my life and in the lives of people around me. If we choose to believe in the theories of divine grace, of oneness, of being connected to god-nature (and I do!), then all of the good things that have been happening make perfect sense.

Being an entrepreneur and very active business woman, I am especially interested in how this applies to our “work days” – which consume so much of our energy and attention. I have personally been applying the actual mechanics of consciousness and spirituality to business for several years, and am coming out of the closet! I actually think of this book club as a “tech transfer” process that you and I will be sharing.

Let’s make 2010 The Summer of Enlightenment!

I am offering a 10-week class that combines some of my favorite things:

  • A book club: we’ll read Lola Jones’ book together, Things are Going Great in My Absence. Book clubs are well-established tools for learning new things in a group setting. (Think Oprah Book Club.) I’ll prepare questions for discussion. We’ll be able to discuss the practical applications of Divine Openings® in your work, your relationships, and your own spiritual connections. This also is more affordable than one-to-one sessions, in case that is relevant to you. Naturally, this book club is still relevant even if you have already read the book!
  • A conference call: as a community, we will share experiences with each other and talk through the topics raised in each chapter. You each gain the energy and support of the other readers, be it figuring out ideas, staying focused or finding like-minded souls. This live interactive community can be very inspiring as we co-mingle our large selves and consciously share our insights. Having the hands-on assistance to soothe your small self and train your mind is a very effective way to bring more grace into your life.
  • Live Openings: I will give each of you in the course a divine grace download at the end of the call. Moving this energy just feels so incredibly good! Each chapter in the book includes a Divine Opening®. These are powerful and, many people also appreciate the “amped up” energy that you can experience from a live person. There is a tremendous sweetness when receiving these live.
  • The cost is $325 for the 10-week course.
  • The course runs from June 27 – August 29.
  • The teleconference will be live on Sundays from 8 – 9 pm EDT. Check your time zone here.
  • UPDATE: I am limiting this to a maximum of 10 people so you will be sure to get plenty of talk time if so desired.

If any of these things appeal to you, then perfect! I hope you will join us. I will be recording the calls so if for some reason you have to miss a live session, you will be able to listen at any time. That applies to all of you who may want to repeat experiencing a session during the course.

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