My business has begun to flourish

judy, whose business has begin to flourishRoxanne is Fab-u-lous! My business has begun to flourish. In fact, when I got off a Divine Opening call with Roxanne, a new order had come in for my company while on the call! Talk about fast…and it came to me! I just laughed with Joy and said “Yes.”

Now, I am more able to turn things over to the Divine and let it do the heavy lifting, or simply have conversations with the Divine, something I just could not do in the past for whatever reason (no story now) and my life is becoming more fun and easy and blissful.

During this call Roxanne offered “you are co-creating with the Divine now”. The thought of having such a Divine powerful ally and friend to co-create with just brought me to tears.

Hmmm, I just realized I’d been asking for a partner on the outside to be with, and I hadn’t thought to look within where the best partner in the whole world existed all this time. (feeling tears and bliss right now)

– Judy, Toronto, Canada

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