Using the Past to Understand “Create Your Reality”

The notion of “you create your reality” is popular in many personal development circles, and was born out of our increasing understanding of both quantum physics and spiritual insights.

Some people confuse it with self-blame, whereas I see it as an opportunity to claim my life and all its hair balls, and get them moving in a new direction!

Here is a short audio recording I made while in my car recently. It seems that there is some of the past populating my present – to which you may say, “Duh!” However what I figured out was that some of this might be a necessary requirement for getting to the starting point of having a spiritual awakening, a transition in consciousness. I hope you’ll tell me what you think!

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I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.


  1. Lena Nichols says

    Your audio on creating our own reality, the transitional moment of a spiritual awakening says a lot to me – presently i can relate deeply to its meaning more than never due to a cruel happening which was the source for this bang!, the reason for this present amazing awakening of mine. The old thinking may slow down our process at the very beginning but as we evolve we are able to climb till we get the top of the hill from where the view is unexpected and impossible to describe to those who still did not get there, or perhaps never will. Without a good reason, without a knock on the head we do not move, we stay in our confort zone. i do not question why DO came to me now and not before, neither why this recent experience had to happen in order to bring a revelation, the big bang! after this epiphany i am a new person – still showing just for brief moments though slight signs of the old thinking. Fortunately i am mastering the art of navigation! It was good, Roxanne, to come to your site, to listen to your audio hearing the sea on the backgroung and now after this visit i feel i am your friend – would you be my friend, too?

  2. Thank you for your comments Lena and addition to this idea! Friends indeed – travelers on the road to expanded consciousness of all the wonder that lives here in our world.


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