Sorting the Large Self from the Small Self

Long before Divine Openings came into my life, I used the framework of having multiples “me’s” inside me. The adult and the inner child. The #1 or the #2 personality. The functional mind or the monkey mind. The Large Self or the small self. And of course always the divine me that runs through all of me.

I do have a challenge sometimes though knowing whether it is my large or small self giving me advice. With Divine Openings, “I” can create experiences that answer the question for me in a rapid amount of time, and often with a great sense of humor. This is just life happening, (and me noticing, gratefully) rather than having to work it over in my mind or remember a set a rules.

Today I was starting to make a cup of coffee – decaf is what I drink. Lately though I’ve been having thoughts about drinking tea instead of coffee. I haven’t taken time to really focus on the feeling of them – instead I had a mental conversation in my head with very little attention actually. I was dismissing it as the chatter of my small self. “Coffee is bad for you and if you gave up that milk every day you could lose weight!” Though this other voice would counter, “But I use 2% milk and I really like the taste of coffee. And who cares about my weight – it is quite normal actually, even if a few pounds heavier than last year.”

On the surface, the second voice sounds more, more “large self-y.” But it didn’t feel done and it was still pestering my mind. I had not taken the time to go into the feeling on it. So today I chatted with the Presence while making my coffee, saying I don’t know how to tell when it is large or small self sometimes and I’d like some guidance. Within a minute, the coffee grinder jammed. Then I remembered that my french press coffee pot was in the dishwasher, which was running. For the third and final act, my coffee mug lid was also in the dishwasher.

I cracked up and started to laugh at how easy that was! The divine me simply removed the coffee! I find this so much more fun than pretending to be rational and making a list of pros and cons and then still feeling ambiguous about so many of my decisions.

So here is the short cut to giving the divine those sticky confusing questions:

  • Pose the question directly to the divine.
  • Notice the little things that start showing up right away.
  • Observe them without bias; just notice which way the wind is blowing.
  • Decide how you want to act, now that you have new information.

I still had my coffee — my honey Shane had volunteered to make me a decaf latte which was delicious! However I am going to experiment with satisfying my love of jasmine tea for a while, since it feels like time for a coffee hiatus. No idea why at this point, but I find it fun to play with these things that show up in my consciousness. Do you?


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  1. Amazing, thank you for taking me on this visual journey.

    I’ve done this myself and couldn’t get past a certain point. I appreciate you sharing this, as it spoke to me on all levels.

    Looking at it from another view brings on a whole new meaning! 🙂