Managing the Time-Space Continuum from a Spiritual Perspective

Timeless Bliss Timeless

Timeless Bliss Timeless

The piece of consciousness here I am chewing on lately relates to the time-space game we enter here “on this earth, in this body.” I must say my small self gets confused when seemingly big hard things (to her at least) can shift in the span of a few breaths, while seemingly small things (in her mind – like getting an aisle seat on a long flight) don’t happen as “desired.”

For me that is when the “all is well” mantra really comes in handy! To judge my spiritual awakening by the accounting of small earthly things is to be letting the small self run my mind. Not gonna do it!

I was reading this today from Lola Jones, and it’s perfect synchronicity:

You don’t have to “go out and save the world”. “Go inside and save your world”, remember who you are, and you will not be able to stop being a force beyond anything you can imagine.

All is well, you and everyone else are ultimately safe no matter what happens. The worst that can happen is that you don’t reach freedom in this lifetime, and you die and go back to the bliss of the oneness.

But isn’t it nice to reach freedom here and now?
On this Earth, in this body.

I have long abandoned the need to save the world. I believe we all are conscious co-creators. And of course that includes the small selves as well. The more we reclaim our large selves, soothe the small selves and stop letting them run the show, well that’s getting the party started! Think how many times we have come to the edge of the cliff as countries, as communities, as families, as individuals, only to return for another act.


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