Divine Openings is a Consciousness Upgrade

I received an email from Lola Jones today and the words she used to describe this process are beautiful and accurate from my perspective as a receiver and giver of Divine Openings. I wanted to share them with you and use my blog to help me remember too!<br clear=”all” />

“Divine Openings results in an evolution in consciousness, resolution of psychological issues, setting right of relationships, and solutions to worldly problems and desires. Divine Openings is a transfer of energy, light, and intelligent information which creates changes in the brain and activates the memory of who one really is. It increases the ability to let in Grace. It will not matter if your mind wanders. Your mind is not involved.” Lola Jones

Being a technophile, I often relate to things from computer and technology metaphors. Over the years of being a “student of consciousness” I have repeatedly had the nearly literal experience of “lines of code being rewritten” in my brain. Really, it is so straightforward. We have had “hand me down” emotions and interpretations of experiences for centuries. The reliance on past data has been far more prominent in human cultures than the desire to push forward into the unknown. Though both of course are always in existence.

Truly, the world is changing rapidly. Just look at the explosion of social networks like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. To me, it is that deep desire people have to be more connected with each other. The internet and computer technology is helping us with that.

And so is Divine Openings. It is another type of technology, that moves energy, that effects changes in the individuals receiving and giving them. It is energy that for now is transferred from the Divine, from God, from Allah, to other people via people who have become conduits. I can imagine that at some point in our collective future it will be “installed” in each of us by default. For now, though, this is a free will universe and each of us may choose to remember our divinity or to forget it and pretend we must earn and learn our way back to God. Either way is fine.

It is not a hard process – anyone can learn to do it, though the proviso is a commitment to being a person of grace, and a willingness to let go of certain human behaviors. The behaviors that at one time in history may have been useful for survival or that are nearly inescapable as a powerless child, but that are utterly unnecessary as a fully functioning, grace-filled adult.

Mind you, I don’t mean to imply any sort of perfection of mood or manners; rather it is a commitment to understanding and acknowledging the universal divine right of every human being here on the planet (and elsewhere!) to be respected.

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