How To Determine If You Are Ready for Change

Whenever I am doing random things around the house, like this morning as I was just changing the sheets on the bed, my mind is often thinking about, How do I describe the process and the allure of change? How do I describe the results I have been getting from years of paying attention to consciousness and the rapid acceleration I have experienced since doing Divine Openings?

Today it came to me like this: 

If you are tired of the recurring situations in your life, if they seem both all too familiar yet just as confusing the tenth time you noticed them as the first time, if you have tried certain remedies and they didn’t work, well, it may be that you are stuck in an old game. And rather than trying to fix the individual problems (so far next to impossible, right?) what of you could just exit that game, and start playing a new game where you are more closely aligned to your true inner wishes and abilities?

That is what I have been doing. Part of the old game, that I call the hierarchical game, has built-in rules that mostly all share one attribute: gottcha!  Just when you have one thing figured out, it’s opposite shows up. Or right in the moment of most stress, instead of hearing or seeing or feeling one solution, your mind is filled with “Go this way!” and simultaneously “No! Go that way!” Or “You can’t do that!” along with “You must do that!” There is a constant pull to two extremes.

In the hierarchical game, we choose to forget our true divinity and our authentic power and we experience very scripted scenarios that, just like the movies, always have a predictable ending no matter what. The highs and lows can be very exciting for some, and for others, like me, this repetition is incredibly boring! I want to break free of patterns. I want to be happy and free at extraordinary levels. I don’t want to feel controlled by people and places and things around me.

Over 15 years ago, I began communicating with non-human entities, “the guys”, who explained to me about this other game, the transitional game. In this game, the starting point is that I am safe. I am part of the Divine. I am here on the earth as a human being to play, and as such, can do no wrong. I do not need to learn or earn my way to God as God is within me and I am within God. (Name your deity of choice!)

Naturally, I am subject to at least some of the limits and boundaries of being human, but even those are somewhat negotiable. In this game, I can try all sorts of things that would be variously forbidden, laughed at, and also familiar, in the hierarchical game. However, because my energy and my intention are unplugged from my false belief in powerlessness, my world can unfold before my eyes in amazing ways!

I look at many people and see them suffering and struggling, feeling powerless. I no longer feel that way, even when facing my most challenging tasks. So I offer this doorway, this opportunity to live your life with a whole different attitude. Your location and relationships and job and hobbies and desires can then adjust to be more pleasing to you. You can move back and forth from one game to the other, as you wish. You are not stuck.

I believe this is a free will universe. You can play whatever game you want. If you choose to be conscious of the fact that you are safe and you too are the Divine, then Divine Openings can help you expand your consciousness, and therefore your freedom and happiness and success, much more easily. It’s just up to you to give Grace permission. You can change your mind at any time. Few rarely do, but isn’t it nice to know you can? Isn’t it a little exciting to think that you can make change now, when it has seemed so difficult previously in your life? Do you find it appealing that you can pick and choose what you want to change?

About Roxanne

I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.