When Other People “Change” Effortlessly


When I returned home from my 5-day retreat and initiation into being a Divine Openings Giver, I was taken aback by my partner’s lack of curiosity about the experience. At one point early in my discovery of Lola Jones, I recall him being very interested. When I went to my first workshop in February, he asked me to purchase him his own book. Etc.

I no doubt wore my disappointment “on my sleeve” and that seemed initially to trigger some sort of divisiveness between us, which escalated into (IMO) defensiveness behaviors on his part and withdrawal, “nose aimed down” behaviors on my part. The contrast of this sadness/loneliness with the ecstatic bliss I felt in the retreat was quite sharp. I didn’t like it one bit!

So I retreated into myself, I communed with the Divine as my companion and counselor, I connected with others, I worked the tools to point my attitude back upward. And right there alongside me, he began to soften, to lighten up! Our discussions (we own a company and work together too) became more grounded, more direct, more respectful. 

It has now been 6 weeks, and we are in a blissful state. I don’t fear raising certain topics with him and setting off his anger. He knows his feelings sooner, and communicated them before they head downward at quickening speed. We hug each other several times a day, taking turns remembering this pleasure we both share. And more.

He has still not had a Divine Opening. But I realized, “Grace is in the house.” It comes from my own experience of the Divine as well as the high levels of bliss that enter when I give Divine Openings to others – and that has been only by phone! One of may favorite Tantric sayings for years has been, “When you receive pleasure, so the Universe receives pleasure through you.” I am seeing the direct experience of this.

Many others have reported this same phenomenon. They see the effects of Divine Openings in others, with no set intention. Clearly, we cannot, and should not set out to, change others. However sometimes our mere presence, which is also the presence of grace, can have an effect on others that they appreciate and welcome.

It is often said, “Be the change you want to see in the world” and “If you want change, change yourself.” Doing those things when powered by grace has made all the difference in the world for me. I have not set out “to change.” I have only sought more happiness, more freedom, and more remembrance of my own divinity, and all the rest has been handled for me.

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