My Results from Divine Openings

Since I have been giving and receiving Divine Openings, I have found the experience of it to be profound and the description of it in words to be quite lacking. For years I have lived by the notion, “It’s all about the energy.” For example, someone can be saying nice enough words to me but if the energy is in the basement, I pay more attention to that. Likewise, I can pretend to be polite to an airline ticket agent but if I am really ticked off about a canceled flight, that energy will leak through.

So with Divine Openings, it is all about the energy too! It is not about any set of rules, or mantras, or daily practices. It is simply about opening up to grace, and then having a frequent conversation with the Divine, passing my problems over and forgetting about them.

I have really been noticing how many problems I used to make before they actually exist in reality. I have a tendency to in the past to think of this as “being prepared” or “being responsible.” Now, I see it for what it was: a fearful small self trying to do the heavy lifting! Now, I notice more of what is going on the present moment. I am less interested in stories about the past – after all they do not predict the future. Unless of course, I really want them to by clinging to that version of reality.

The amount of stress I have shed from this single aspect of the Divine Openings is quite enormous. Again, hard to describe it, unless you too have a mind that is always turning things over again and again.

I also experienced an immediate physical healing – a pain that I have had quite chronically for over 20 years in my lower back (left side – SI joint) went away. And has stayed away for over 3 months. I think it was just stuck energy, and no amount of yoga, stretching, massage, chiropractic or working out could make it go away. Clearing the energy so grace can enter my body and then take it away for me was the answer.

If you would like to experience a DIvine Opening, please email me. I offer sessions in person here in Hawaiʻi and can also give them by phone or Skype. You can read more about it here. I can also offer group sessions at your place of business or other gatherings.

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