Seeing Forgiveness as Arrogance

I am sitting at the beach before sunrise having undigested thoughts.

Got the call an hour ago that my father will likely die today. I thought of forgiving him for the things he did in his life that I found offensive. But if I believe we each came here as co-creators or co-conspirators, then “who am I” to offer forgiveness? Presumably I, my large self, wanted these experiences, these opportunities. So gratefulness more than forgiveness seems to be the order of the day.

Besides, I long ago digested these experiences, and carry no grudges of which I am aware. No need to be fearful for Dad departing.

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  1. Remarkable! you have grasped the true concept of forgiveness.
    It’s interesting that people with low self-esteem and also arrogant people are easily offended. See the correlation?
    Read this link I hope you’ll find more answers there.
    Take care