January 9 – Canoe Gratitude

Yesterday my day was semi- hijacked by a client with unplanned work. The interruption has awakened me to restructuring the contract so that I can be happier to work on their business. I am very grateful for this insight; and it helps me let go of the disappointment and confusion I was feeling about the other things on my list that went undone.

By coincidence, a friend had invited me to a pau hana play date at the beach around 3:30 earlier in the week. I almost cancelled, to try “and get a little more done.” but it was Friday afternoon and she was here to pick me up before I could change plans.

Turns out my other friends Alana and Pat and Uncle Bobby Puakea were at the beach with my newly restored and repaired outrigger canoe! It was all a setup! The canoe has been in the shop for about a year-seriously. The repairs were being done for free and they went way over the top with a new paint job too! I was very surprised. I’ll add a picture later; I am blogging from my phone.

I venture to guess there is always a silver lining. Some days are just harder than others to notice it.

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