January 10 – Friends Gratitude

I had my usual impossible list of things to do today, aka the Saturday optimism list. Before I could get too deep into it though, my friends the Funhogs called for a spontaneous trip to the sand bar on their boat.

It sounds weird but this nearly triggered a meltdown in me! I wanted to go. Eric said “unless they are paying 2.5 times your normal rate, then forget it. It’s Saturday!”

Underneath all this something is shifting in my neurology. I am actually starting to walk some of my talk and much of what I read. Change myself first; don’t wait for others. Live the life I want now; don’t think it will magically appear later. Please myself before pleasing others; if I am happy I will be such a “better” person.

Simple. Not easy.

So today I am grateful to the funhogs for getting me out on the water and loaning me their standup paddle board and sharing their good times with me.

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