Lemon Cleanse Day 1

Since this blog is my uber-personal space, it is the location for my writing about the cleanse I am undertaking. I am following the “original Master Cleanse”:http://curezone.com/?t=34240 plan developed by “Stanley Burroughs”:http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/7244/master_cleanse.html. There are loads of things online about it. The short story is this:
* 6-12 servings a day of the home made lemon-maple syrup drink
* herbal laxative tea at bedtime
* optional salt water cleanse (top down) upon rising

As a former scientist, I find there are a few interesting things about it.
# One that the specific gravity of the salt water lavage is the same as blood – so there is no harm to the kidneys or unbalanced transfer of salt or water back and forth. Drinking the salt water acts as mechanical wash down through the intestinal tract.
# The lemons and maple syrup provide enough vitamins and minerals to be sustaining over the 10+ days. (Some people have done this for very long periods of time – months – though I will be amazed if I make it the entire 10 days. That is considered the minimum duration.)

I am embarking on this because in the past 3 years I have lost many of my healthful habits, in favor of spending time on the computer and being actively engaged in the social web. 🙂 I want my health back.

For me, it’s all about the energy, and that means a mind-body-spirit awareness about the process. Social media has lured me back into a state of over-giving. Combined with nourishing myself with fast foods and caffeine, instead of the fruits and vegetables that I actually prefer. There is a strange mind-body coalition that once potato chips are in the gut, a piece of them lingers, calling for more. Hence I am doing a wash out of my innards, because I think I have a lot of old, decaying, crappy thoughts in there, not to mention the remnants of lots of chocolate, chips, and caffeine thinking they could succeed at taking over the place.

“I want my gut back.” I think that is my theme at least for today.

*Cleanse started Sunday morning, 2008-07-27.*
First day I was hungry some and wanted to eat. Started drinking the lemonade too late (1:30 pm!!) so you can see how long I can get distracted in the morning by other things. (Swimming in the ocean, filming Beach Walks, letting friends drop in and disrupt my schedule, cleaning house – felt relevant.) Did manage to balance 3 months worth of business accounts though Sunday evening – putting ourselves first instead of working on various volunteer projects like “Podcamp Hawaii”:http://2008.podcamphawaii.com.

Energy is medium, clarity is good, bowels are letting go nicely.

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