7 Things Meme from Frank Hamm

I actually find myself a little meme-resistant although actually is a good example of one of my favorite sayings (no secret here) “It’s all about the energy.” I think part of the discrepancy is the fact that others tag you, hence this implied popularity contest and waiting to be picked on the playground that so triggers the b.s. of childhood shenanigans. So any of you reading this, I am going to copy Kathy Sierra and ask you to tell me about yourself – forget this waiting to be tagged business! I’d like to know who you are. And frankly, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better listener as I really embrace the odd and unusual with vigor. As I like to say, “Let your freak flag fly.”

Some use them as a ploy use it to get links into their site. Some are just plain bored with them. Others are truly interested in the connection it creates across the blogosphere. So once again I am reminded we all have choice, and the very same action done by or between two different people can convey vastly different energies! It’s all about the energy people, not the act itself.

So my current round is in response to Frank Hamm. Frank and I connected through my daily video show, Beach Walks with Rox. He lives in Germany; I live in Hawaii. That means we are close to being part of an earth sandwich as Germany is about due north of Botswana which actually is my polar opposite location.

At long last, my list of 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I start most showers with the cold water running on my head; I like the invigoration (a mind-altering experience) and I get to save water too.
  2. I have been recycling glass, paper, and metal for over 35 years and have no plans to stop.
  3. I wet my pants on the playground in second grade and still remember the awful feeling of my wool school uniform rubbing against my legs.
  4. I have a very short hair trigger in certain situations where I feel my independence or autonomy is being challenged. My aloha can go out the door very quickly before I realize what is happening.
  5. I can cry easily at moments of unexplained and spontaneous joy. I love this about myself. It brought tears just to write this.
  6. One of the most powerful things I am still learning is how much I can accomplish by managing where and how I share my energy with others.
  7. I am confused by how messy my office can be when I truly feel so much better when it is clean and organized.

If you are reading this, then consider yourself tagged. 🙂

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