Serendipity and the Spiritual Aspect of the Internet

bq. “You get this tremendous serendipity where I can search the internet and come across a site that I did not set out to look for.” – Tim Berners-Lee

The citation is from the “BBC Online”:
Tim (the “original creator of the internet”: in 1989) was speaking in favor of net neutrality, or not having a “for pay” area of the internet. I am in favor of that too, and posted a “video blog”: about it.

I also believe that we are all connected. And that we are divine beings having a human experience, It is part of the game group think right now to believe that human=less than divine. But I choose not to buy into that.

What is so cool about the internet is this synchronicity Tim talks about. I believe that actually our souls are communicating underneath the technical platform of the internet, to create this synchronicity. I believe our souls have the ability to communicate without the internet, but having the internet, or a so-called plausible way for people to find each other across widely diverse means, is like a fast track for us to integrate and then implement this knowledge regarding soul to soul communication.

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  1. I believe in serendipity. Mahalo for reaching out and sharing so generously. Aloha, from one soul to another.

  2. thanks for visiting and leaving your kind thoughts belinda. aloha too, rox