Behind The Beach Walks

I’ve started doing a daily video podcast over at “”: with my guy Shane. We really are a great team together, bringing together our complementary skills and interests, as well as very similar ethos and beliefs.

I am coming up against my desire to be improvisational and raw in the moment versus wanting to feel like I have actually communicated a reasonably organized thought by the time I am done. And becasue of my ego and our time considerations (too much of the former and not enough of the latter!) I have been sticking by a “one take” practice.

It’s not that easy to do.

I love having the confidence to explore this new activity, without having to plan it all out or “be on” for the camera. So often in my life I have felt forced into performing for others. And was confused by the fact that I actually enjoy performing for others. To tease apart the elements that I really enjoy, and do them for me on my terms, instead of at someone else’s command or demand, is part of my opportunity with Beach Walks.

There is like this 5 to 10 degree thing. My #1 adult personality wants something very close (on the surface) to what that ever nagging #2 neurotic self wants. It takes attention and energy to make sure I’m in the #1 and not being swayed by the siren calls of the #2.

About Roxanne

I use a specialized form of coaching to help people be more of who they are and less of who they're not. I lived in Hawaii for 17 years and now reside in Santa Fe, NM. I work with clients around the world. I invite you to join my "Get Blissed" email list for updates.