Video: Beach Walk #2

Aloha! I’ve incorporated some upgrades on this second attempt at video-blogging, which simultaneously bring along some “opportunities for improvement” as I like to call them. Translation: it’s rough folks! Adjust your sound before clicking on the photo (of Shane and Lexi a little past sunrise on Kailua Beach).
Movie Specs: Movie Link [20.2 mb (4:30)]
You can listen to my new original music (created in Garage band) and view the new title design for the beach walk movies – now a series of two! Look for other posts here that begin with “Video:”.

Today’s Topic:
Lack of adequate rest often correlates with crankiness. And I figured out that if rest does indeed = happiness, then no wonder our dog Lexi is full of smiles! Like many dogs, she sleeps a lot.

I also started talking about the #1 and #2 personalities. Seems we all have ’em, and I find it a very useful frame of reference for managing so many things – relationships, communication, time, etc. Tell me what you think!

Coming soon: real video (instead of these short hacks from my little still camera), as the digicam batteries have arrived.

In homage to my vlog guru, Ryan Ozawa, here is a link to search Technorati for other posts.

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  1. Vlog guru? No way. Perpetual overenthusiastic wannabe, at best.

    Unfortunately, as thrilled as I was to read about this vlog entry, I can’t get it to play. It seems to be a segmented QuickTime file, and it is asking to find ‘’ before I can continue. You probably need to make sure that when you export/encode/save, you choose the ‘make self contained’ option. Now I have a 21MB file with no head! Heh.

    Oh, and I didn’t notice this about WordPress and embedded QuickTime before, but… since your entry includes references to both the full movie (such as it is) and the poster movie, both those items are wrapped in “enclosure” tags in the “item” for this entry in your feed. Some aggregators won’t know what to do with more than one enclosure and choke. Others might just grab the poster rather than the movie.

    I want to see this! Have a sip of green tea and give it another shot!

  2. Mahalo for the alert sensei. I forgot to re-encode after adding my intro-outro images. As for that WP glitch of writing double enclosures, I have not yet found a solution. Just another reminder that the web, like me, is a work in progress.

  3. how did i miss the opportunity to be interviewed walking on the beach!!?? and, how much do those cute video cams cost anyway?

    aloha nui loa from a soon to be #2 if my head doesn’t get on the pillow soon! heart hugs, miliani

    ps was that one of georgia’s tops? you looked stunning. or as the irish like to say, “focking stunning!”

    ps again loved the upsizing option on your website. makes it so easy for anyone to read – as you already know!