Video: Another Day at the Beach

As hot as podcasting is, there are related rumblings with video blogs. Eric Rice, of was in Honolulu to a) vacation with his family, b) launch his video road show, or c) both. From my point of view, he was here to inspire my foray into video blogs. Mahalo nui loa Eric!

Shane and I had lunch with him, and we’ve decided to jump into the fray.

In the transition, ain’t nobody predicting the future, but for now, it’s fun. [14.24mb (4:06)]

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  1. SuperDog! Great debut, Roxanne! I hope to see more!

  2. Way to Rox! Congratulations on the new foray. Who was that running the cam? I need to hire him for a job.

  3. Great video! Fantastic and facinating. Please post more. Great job to the camera man. Lucky you live Hawaii! for sure.

  4. Much mahalo to those of you who could stand the wind noise and “blair witch effect” from the “point camera at self” intro. I appreciate the encouragement and your comments! With love and aloha, Rox

  5. Awesome! Great way to get started. And naturally, I’m amazed that there are no people on that beach! 😉 Keep up the good work!