I Love Cranky Clients!

We have been working on a large site (1000 pp +) re-do for 3 years. We had design approval and were 85% completed about 12 months ago, when the client decided she didn’t like it.

So we started over.

Round 2: we had design approval. “Yes, much better.” Even more cool, in that 12 months, even new and more robust CMS software came available. Woohoo! Thanks for being cranky, round 1.

Then we spend the better part of 8-9 months developing the site. The client has been busy, over-worked, travelling, on holiday. Back on the job last week, she gets a sneak as we are putting the polishing touches on it. We are loving it. And our wonderful client?

“It looks like a CPA built it.” Uggh. Please don’t ask us to start over again. Please!

So I ranted. To my partner, not the client. Of course.

But it was designed by a hot young guy in Portland who does work for Nike, Intel, Spin, Hooked on Phonics!

But we employed the latest research on how users look for info on a web page.

But you asked for it to be very refined, minimal, elegant…so the content – the people you support – will be the attention-grabbers!

But but but. But we love this client. They have given us opportunities to develop something that is superb, that stands out, that looks different. They want the best – and isn’t that what we service providers dream about?

So we went back to the drawing board, and after a mere 3 days, came up with a subtle tweak to the concept. Damn if it doesn’t absolutely take the design over the top! Energetically, it adds that final “aha” to the visual experience. It’s true “feng shui” for web sites. (Don’t try to steal that. My friend and colleague Michael C has already written the book.)

I love you Ms. Client. Thank you for being cranky, even though you didn’t know how to fix what you thought was wrong. Your holding out for the best, has pushed us to delve deeper and the result is wonderful in our eyes. Thanks for being cranky, round 2.

I am almost looking forward to round 3. In the transition, I love cranky clients.

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