How can it be that without answers I feel stronger, that without seeking I feel safer? Being a pioneer in the Divine Opening book club, has made me be aware of my inner Bliss for not only other people, but, myself. The total relaxation and comfortable feelings are truelyWithout Seeking, I Feel Safer

Here is Shaina's story of physical healing with divine openings. The energy was clear, present, palpable and immediately impactful. A distinctly different experience than the Openings I’ve been receiving from the pictures in the book. Very shimmery. I had an intention for the Opening, which was to have support forPhysical Healing: I Felt My Shoulder Relaxing

I sobbed as soon as I hung up the phone. Your sweet voice, the energy, tapped my heart deeply. Then the sobbing stopped. And I rested. I had been having much anxiety/stress and I felt waves of resting/relaxing/opening/letting go. The main thing I noticed the evening of the Opening andEnjoying the Present in My Relationship

When I took the mini-retreat with you, at one point you responded to my comments with the word "Fear." I was kind of shocked because I'm one of the most fearless people I know, but it hit a very deep space and by the end of the session I knewA Feeling of No Limits

I noticed a very deep peace after Roxanne's divine openings that stayed with me for days after and helped to shut off the negative stuff that had been rather incessant. It gave me a chance to reset and refocus and that put things in a better perspective. I am experiencingVery Deep Peace

My condition had really been deteriorating and I was hospitalized in the past month. I have not been able to straighten my arm more than 80 degrees even though I work with a physical therapist three days a week and am taking a lot of pain medication. After the DivineI Have Not Felt This Good in So Long

What a week - it started with much fretting and unnecessary LOUD commentary from the resident 5 year old in my head. "Little Frank" as I call him, was very busy telling me what "I could not do" and why what I was doing "was not enough" or "neverIt all seemed odd at first

Roxanne, Amazing revelations have been happening since my last session. Some amazing things have been taking place in my absence. I keep envisioning myself riding the big waves and having fun as I go deeper within with my treasure hunts. God bless you and Lola. – Gary, New York, NYRiding the Big Waves

I was lucky to meet Rox in person in Hawaii and have dinner together. It was a wonderful exchange of energy. I received a Divine Opening by the pool. What an experience. I was really flying high on the energy. Thank you Rox - Connie Lewis, Portland OR From aI Was Really Flying High

Who is the guy pointing at the hubcap, you may be wondering? It's Scott, who took two Divine Openings Mini Retreats this month. He has a great story of Spiritual Humor from The Universe to You. Here is an email he sent me after the August 16th retreat: All good inSpiritual Humor from The Universe to You

This idea about letting go of a perceived reality, media-based fear reality, is a priority in finding true peace, success, and joy in my life. Letting go of the repeated 60-70,000 thoughts I have in my head every day that are the same as they were yesterday and beginLetting Go of Repeated Thoughts

Not only is Roxy's mastery apparent in leading the conversations, but her voice is gentle, soothing and so non-threatening that it's as if I am talking to an old friend. Then just when the conversation got a bit heavy she'd shift the energy with a giggle of delight. Rest assured,One of the Highlights of My Week

Before arriving in Nepal: You are right, I will get through my fears and take them straight on. I will feel my vibration level as I go across that suspension bridge and just let it move through me. I am excited to feel a part of my Large Self inOpening Up to the Whole Universe of Energy

I've learned so much and it's amazing what my blog has done for my business. People didn't know about me. Now they Google, and I show up. That's even how I got an intern! She Googled "10 Best Photographers in Honolulu" and I came up #1. People Who Get Stuff Done, Rule!

Rox is a gentle loving guide through the ins and outs of Divine Openings. Her joyful passion is so refreshing. She will answer questions directly and offers broader perspectives to challenging situations. I have more and more joy and ease in my life spiced with lots ofAnswer Questions Directly