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I am here to democratize consciousness!

I work with creative and entrepreneurial people who want to use the most modern and effective tools to achieve their inner happiness and outer goals. I live on Maui and work with clients around the world.

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I Questioned Authority and Consciousness Answered

Is it weird in here, or is it just me? - Steven Wright Life is full of platitudes and paradigm shifts these days: the inspiring graphics are all over Facebook and Instagram. Walking the talk is not … [Read more...]

The Art of a Conscious Meltdown

One of the things I have used to great relief over the past 20 years is what I call a "conscious meltdown." It is a way of moving anxiety and "upset" types of emotions that leads to an increase in … [Read more...]

Learning to Love Time

Does time get the better of you? It did me - or at least I pretended that it did. Watch how I am re-creating my relationship and learning to love time. Many of my friends report being tired of … [Read more...]

What If the Universe Is Not Delivering as Promised?

So, Ralph Waldo Emerson shared this nearly two centuries ago: Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson And yet, millions of affirmations, … [Read more...]

Free Talks About The Three You’s

The eBook I released a few days ago, The Three You's, is a short introduction to a concept I have used for 20 years. I discovered even more power in it during the six months of writing. The eBook, by … [Read more...]