One of the Highlights of My Week

Not only is Roxy’s mastery apparent in leading the conversations, but her voice is gentle, soothing and so non-threatening that it’s as if I am talking to an old friend. Then just when the conversation got a bit heavy she’d shift the energy with a giggle of delight. Rest assured, you have a skilled pilot flying the book club plane.

Before the book discussion began, I was thinking 10 weeks was a long time for a book club. Very shorly thereafter this conversation became one of the highlights of my week. By the end, I was sad to see our time together coming to a close. Thank you Roxie for contributing to the rich expansion of others.

At some point during the book club I noticed my need to continue seeking was going from a strong flame to an occasional flicker. As a voracious reader of personal growth this was totally new for me.

During my first reading of the book, I had to stop and push pause several times because I was so upset with Lola’s discussion about religions and their fear based relationship with God. This time I was able to hear from a new perspective and could listen without out strong emotions attached. What if I could have a relationship with the Divine that is gentle and loving? What if my perspective came from someones fear of the unknown instead of the broader truth? I am so intrigued about what my relationship with God can become! Standing in that space and looking for roadsigns, I recently stumbled upon Friendship with God by Neale Donald Walsch in a local bookstore. This is quite miraculous since about three years ago I threw one of his books in the trash considering it to be blasphemy! What I have learned is that standing in fear, I am limiting my experience of the bliss that’s possible.

Being someone who has always known themselves as being ‘strong’, I allowed myself to experience waves of emotions and weeping for no apparent reason. My small self wanted to figure out what was going on and where that was coming from. Reading Lola’s personal explanations and listening to Roxy’s sharing of herself I knew all was well. I can only imagine what old baggage I off-loaded in a easy non-threatening way. By having a weekly support team on the call, I was assured I could let go and let the Divine do the heavy lifting.

– Sara, North Palm Beach FL

Comment from the Divine Openings Book Club

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